Monday, September 7, 2009

A little change

Since there have been so many requests for help over the last 8 months (hundreds), it has been impossible for us to keep the Projects Page up-to-date. Since it has become too overwhelming, we will now be sending out email updates to all of our volunteers with all of the pertinent information in the email.

After we receive a request for help, Michelle and I will then send out the request to everyone via email with the contact info, project specs and any other information you might need. We think that this will make it easier for everyone and we will be able to get help to those who need it quicker.

We will still post large projects or projects that need a lot of planning, but the smaller projects will be emailed directly to everyone.

We hope this works well and we can't wait to work side by side with all of you.

Please email with any questions or concerns.

Take care and thank you!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Many, many new projects!

Here is a small list of the many projects we have going on right now. Please feel free to email us at to sign up for one (or more of them)!

Project #40 - Tree removal - We have a young woman that needs some help in here yard. If you have the time to give, she could sure use your help. Please email her at to set up a time with her to lend her a hand!

Project #41 - Weeding help ASAP - There is a ribbon cutting ceremony on a new community garden coming up on July, 11th from 10am-12pm. They need some help getting it ready for the event. Got time? Awesome! Just shoot Mary an email at and let her know you can help out!

Project #42 - More gardening help - An elderly woman in the Alberta Arts district needs some help to give her yard some much needed TLC. What she really needs is some planning help for her yard. What to plant and where to plant it kind of thing. Please just email to let her know that you are available. Thanks!

We are still waiting on some information before we post the next batch of projects, but these should keep us busy enough for the time being. Also, we have a few older projects that are just begging for someone to take on! If you can spare a couple of hours this week, just send us an email at and we will get you signed up!

Thank you to everyone that has helped already this month and we will try to be better about posting on a regular basis. We have been busier than we ever thought possible the last couple of months and we are still trying to figure out the best way to go about this. Thank you for your patience and than you for all the work you guys and gals do!!

Seth and Michelle

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Project 39 - Wallpaper removal and painting

We have an immediate need for some wallpaper removal and then painting to be done. We have plenty of rollers and brushes and the paint is supplied, along with scrapers and stuff to get rid of the wallpaper, so we just need a couple of hands on this project!

This needs to be done by this weekend (we understand that it is a holiday) and we would like to schedule it for Sunday.

If anyone can help, even for a couple of hours, please email us at or call 503-953-6018. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

COMPLETED - Project 38 - Moving 5/29 from Vancouver to NE Portland

UPDATE 5/29: A huge thank you to Rebecca, Jason, Jamal, Julie, Mel, Junior, Dave, Michelle and Seth who helped move this young family from Washington to Portland!! It was another sweltering day but the project was completed and the family can now start to get settled in their new home! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

We have been contacted by a woman who has been through extremely rough times recently, financially and medically, and is now forced to move. She is moving from Vancouver Washington to NE Portland. She has a U-haul lined up but needs bodies to help her load and unload the truck. We have a hand truck that we will be bringing to make this easier. This project will start at 9am on Friday May 29th. Is there anyone out there who wants to meet a new neighbor and has Time to Help? If so, please email us at or call 503-953-6018 to jump in on this wonderful project!!

Project 37 - Car Seat Repair

A single mother who is in school along with her daughter had her late model Cadillac car seat break. She thinks it may be just a broken bolt. Nevertheless, the car is not drivable at this time and she needs it to get to school and back. Is there a good neighbor who may be able to help this woman?
Give us a call at 503-953-6018 or email us at

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Project 36 - Shop upgrade

We were contacted by a family that is looking to fix up their shop. Because of the economy, the husband is working out of state and the woman is a bit intimidated by trying to take on the project by herself (understandable).

What she is looking for is to upgrade their old shop that needs a bit of remodeling. The siding needs to be updated (she has the materials) and it needs to be painted. She would also love to add 2 windows and a work bench in the shop.

We could sure use someone's expertise on this one. Got Time?

Just email us at to sign up!

COMPLETED Project 35 - Bridges to Independence

We were contacted by a wonderful woman named Leslie, the director of a small nonprofit called Bridges to Independence located at 7958 SE Foster Rd. They assist persons with developmental disabilities to stay independent in the community and out of institutions. At this time they are in the process of remodeling their space which was a wreck when we they leased it. It used to be a pawn shop and was dirty, dated, and worn out. For the past two months they have been working continuously on remodeling the space including painting, floors, construction, and more. Almost all of the labor thus far has been volunteer via their friends and family, but the people are wearing out and they still have a ways to go to realize their dream of a clean, beautiful, functional community space.

They are converting the front of their space into a coffee shop/gallery called Turtle Town Cafe where they will train their clients to get food service jobs. They also plan to use their space as a community center/ gathering spot for the whole community including donating the use of their space every Sunday to a group that will offer food to the hungry. They plan to host 12 step meetings and allow local bands, open mics, etc to use their space. Right now they really need to make our bathroom more accessible and to clean out and organize their storage space. This includes installing a new toilet and sink and grab bars. They have the materials, they just need it installed and the old ones removed. They would like to paint and install new flooring in the bathroom.

Last but not least they need volunteers to work directly with clients at the coffee shop and at recreation events year round. This is great experience for folks and can sometimes lead to paid employment. Their agency can only stay open through volunteers!

You can reach Leslie at: 503 740 1503 or 971 570 8680 or email

Thank you!

COMPLETED - Project 34 - Unclogging a 2nd story gutter

Update 6/20: Thank you to the unidentified neighbor who helped out on this project! We couldn't do this without you!

We have a request for someone with a tall (at least 30') ladder to help a woman out in East Portland. Every time it rains, she has, what she calls Multnomah Falls, running out of her 2nd story gutter. Can any one help this lovely woman out? Please email us at and we will put you in touch with her. Thanks!

Project 33 - Teaching refugees to drive

UPDATE 5/20: We received an email from Wayne indicating he had one volunteer respond but could still use more as he has 18 people on his waiting list. Thanks to Elli who offered up her help. Anyone else interested?

How great is that? For more than 15 years Wayne has been teaching refugees to drive as a volunteer. He has helped more than 100 people get their driver's license. But now, he is swamped with requests and needs some help. Wayne could use at least one East Portland and several Westside helpers. He uses the student's car for lessons. He just drives to their home and goes with them from there. He also gets a tax deduction for the miles he drives. Wayne is willing to train anyone who could take on one or more of his waiting list refugees. Contact Wayne at 503-579-4713 or for more info or to sign up!

Thank you!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Project 32 - Horse Arena

We received an email a couple of days ago from one of our neighbors (who has been a volunteer with us since the beginning). Recently, she was informed that a friend of hers that lives just outside of Banks on HWY 26 was near losing her home. She has a horse arena that must be up and running by June, and she has neither the income nor the power to do this on her own. Also, her son just left her place a mess, so now she needs items hauled away, and horse stalls that must be finished.

She has all the supplies to finish her arena but she just needs some neighborly neighbors to help her out.

I think we might have a few people who would love to meet a new neighbor and give her a hand saving her home. Got time?

We are going to need some help with this one guys and gals, so please give us a call at 503-953-6018 or email us at and let us know that you can help!

Many, many thanks!

COMPLETED Project 31 - Licensed Plumber

UPDATE 5/22: An anonymous plumber just finished up the project last night. Everything went great and the work has been completed! Thank you to all!

We received a call from a woman with the Parkrose United Methodist Church (PUMC) community garden committee. They are just starting a community garden project to serve the Parkrose Heights neighborhood in Portland.

They plan to break ground on Saturday, April 25th by starting to install the garden fence. At this time they will also dig the trenches for the irrigation system to be installed. While they have plenty of volunteers to do this work, the City of Portland requires them to have a licensed plumber pull the permit for the work which includes the following: installation of an in line connection to the church's water line (water to be measured separately from church), one shut-off valve, approximately 200 lineal feet PVC pipe and 6 risers/hose bibs. They have grant funds that can cover the cost of the permit and cost of materials.

What they really need is a licensed plumber that would be willing to pull the permit, give them advice and/or shop for the appropriate materials and oversee their installation. Again, all trenches will be dug and they will fill them in after inspection. They anticipate that this part of the project would take between 4 and 6 hours and they are available to work with a plumber on any day after April 25th.

Got Time to Help a good neighbor? Just give us a shout at 503-953-6018 or email us at

Thank you!

Project 30 - Porch sanding and repainting

We were contacted by an extended neighbor who could really use some help clearing off, sanding and repainting their porch. It sounds like a pretty straight forward project and they can supply all of the materials.

We just need to coordinate a work party to go out there for a day (or less) and help these new neighbors out!

Whose Got Time to meet some of our new neighbors?

If you want to help just give us a call at 503-953-6018 or email us at

Thanks so much!

Project 29 - Newberg mobile home skirting

A neighbor contacted us a few days ago saying that she lives in a mobile home in Newberg and the skirting has started to fall and there are now some gaps that are allowing animals to get in.

This should be a pretty easy job. It will just entails getting underneath the home and securing the skirting around it so that there are no more gaps.

Does any friendly neighbor out there have time to help this lovely woman?

Just give us a call at 503-953-6018 or email us at


Saturday, April 18, 2009

COMPLETED Project 28 - School Library needs volunteers

Update: 06/20 - Thank you so much to Lucas and Michele for helping on this wonderful project! You guys are awesome! We can't tell you how much she appreciated your help.

We met with a wonderful woman who is the librarian for a small, private school in outer NE Portland. Because of budget cuts, she has no assistant anymore. She is in need of a couple of things.

First, between June 3rd-5th, and again on June 10th-12th, she will need help shutting down the library for the summer. This entails everything from shelving their inventory using the Dewey Decimal system, restocking the shelves and boxing up some older books.

This will take someone detail oriented and requires a lot of bending and standing and lifting. So, if you are free to help in June, she would love to see you there!

Also, she is hoping to find one or two kind volunteers that might like to volunteer on a regular basis, Wednesday through Friday, for an hour or two.

She is willing to write a letter of recommendation for volunteers to attach to their resumes, if they would like one.

Just let us know if you can lend a hand. Give us a call at 503-953-6018 or email

COMPLETED Project 27 - Patching and Painting

UPDATE 5/13: Cindy C. was kind enough to take some time out of her day to help finish the job! She painted the entire hallway by herself! Thank you, Cindi!!

UPDATE 4/30: Ryan, Seth and Stasi headed out to help these people. They cleared out the room, washed the walls, patches some small holes then primed and painted. They were so appreciative of the help!! A special thanks to Cindy for attempting to help on this project but was unable to locate the building (my nature of the center it is not easy to find). She spent quite a bit of time looking but was unable to find it. We really appreciate your effort to help Cindy and look forward to working with you in the future!

This is a project a battered women and children center in NW Portland. In their offices, they have one small (7x9) room and a hallway that need a little work. The room has already been patched but still needs to be sanded and then painted. The hallway needs a couple of small holes patched, walls wiped down and then painted. This should be a pretty quick, less than a full day job. The shelter has the paint and some plaster, but can't afford to finish the job.

We think that 3 people for this job would be great!

So, if a few of you guys and gals out there have a few extra hours this week, please contact Seth or Michelle at 503-953-6018 or shoot us an email at

Also, if anyone (volunteer or not) has some painting supplies (brushes, rollers, plaster) they would like to donate to this and a couple of other projects, it would be such a big help to us.

Thank you, thank you!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

COMPLETED - Project 26 - Delivery of top soil to a garden

UPDATE: A friendly neighbor helped this gentleman almost right away. Thank you to the anonymous helper!!

This should be a quick and easy project! A fine gentleman contacted us yesterday. He wants to purchase a load of top soil, but has no method of getting it to his home. He just needs the soil picked up and delivered to his home. He says that he will do all of the work himself, but just needs someone with a truck.

From the store to his home is less than 2 miles.

Any volunteers?

Give us a call at 503-953-6018 or email us at to sign up for this. Thanks!

COMPLETED - Project 25 - Neighborhood Cleanup

UPDATE 5/23: Thank you to all the volunteers who helped out with this one. It was a great success and the neighborhood and school look great! Thank you!!

This afternoon, we spoke with Sarah, who is the Marketing and Outreach coordinator for the Leadership and Entrepreneurship Public charter high school. She and the school are putting on a neighborhood cleanup, on the 23rd of May.

Our volunteers would be partnering with their students to clean up the neighborhood, pick up garbage, clean graffiti etc. etc. The school is also partnering with Starbucks and this project helps them to earn a small grant.

This high school is very service oriented and this is a very worthy cause.

Got Time to Help cleanup a neighborhood? To sign up, just give us a call at 503-953-6018 or shoot us an email at

Project 24 Finish a Bedroom and Bathroom

We received an email from a woman with the Insights Teen Parent Program today. She told us of a young, pregnant woman (due in July) who lives in an unfinished mobile home. Most of it is complete, but there is still a bedroom and bathroom that need to be sheet rocked, mud and taped and then painted. All the materials are at the house and ready to go up, but the woman doesn't have any tools for the job. I'm sure we can fix that problem!

The young woman doesn't have the skills to finish the job and she is in school full time so she has no funds to hire someone. I think this would be a pretty quick job - a day, maybe two and we could give this woman a finished home. Sounds pretty cool to us!

We would like to get this completed within the next week, if possible. It should be easy if we can get a few volunteers for this one. Who is up for helping this young family?

Email or give us a call at 503-953-6018. Thank you all!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

COMPLETED Project 23 Spreading Bark Dust

We received a call from a woman who needed help. She indicated she had Multiple Sclerosis and had recently fallen. She had purchased some bark dust and was now unable to spread the bark dust around her flower beds. We sent out an email to our volunteers. Jen and Aric responded with what seemed to be the speed of light. We had not even had a chance to post about it yet and they had already been out and taken care of this woman. Besides helping spread the bark dust they ended up pulling weeds, raking, and putting in a stone walkway so she could use her walker between rows of plants.

Thanks to both of you, Jen and Aric, for always offering to go above and beyond what is asked or expected!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

COMPLETED Project 22 - Help Moving on April 4th

UPDATE 4/4: Well, our moving project went off really well on Saturday the 4th. We moved a wonderful woman from inner SE Portland out to Gresham. We had 5 volunteers for the move. Thank you so much to Igor, Mel, Trevor, Michelle and Seth.

So, even though we had 4 cars and 1 truck to pack up, we ended up making 2 trips. It went smoothly, though. This lovely woman was very thankful and we couldn't be happier to have helped!
Thank you again to everyone. You are changing people's lives and giving them renewed hope in humanity!

UPDATE 4/2: We have four volunteers so far (and 1 truck) but can always use more hands!! Please let us know if you Have Time to Help this woman.

UPDATE 3/22: We are planning to meet at our house at 9am, Saturday April 4th, and then carpooling to this woman's house. If you Have Time to Help please email or call us for the address. If you are unable to donate the whole day, but can still partially help, please contact us and we can give you the address of where we will be starting.

We were contacted by someone who needs help moving. She has a 1-bedroom apartment with no appliances. A couch, dresser and bed are the largest items. She is unable to lift the heavy things and asked if we had people with trucks and any others who could help.

Does anyone have Time to Help?

If you can help this woman please give us a call at 503-953-6018 or email us at

Monday, March 9, 2009

Project 21 Multi-generational garden

We were contacted by a woman who runs a wonderful non-profit that helps children in transition from/to foster care.

She has a bunch of space that can be turned into (5 or so) raised garden beds, that she will then use to teach the children about gardening and send the fruits of their labor home with them. This is a tremendous idea and we would love to be able to help her.

We need some raised beds built and a lot of planting done.

Do you have any time to help?

Please contact Seth or Michelle at 503-953-6018 or

COMPLETED Project 20 Moving appliances

We need a couple of strong backs and someone with a truck to help us for this quick job. We need to move a refrigerator and freezer from one part of a home to another and then we need to move a couch a couple of blocks down the road from the project site.

Does anyone have time to help?

Contact Seth or Michelle at 503-953-6018 or


Project 19 Extreme Yard Makeover!

UPDATE 5/28: Louanne, Meri, Julie, Mel and Seth went out on one of the hottest days of the year and spent another great day making over the yard! We are so close now! We have the arbor posts in the ground and just need to attach a few more pieces and paint it. The yard is almost complete. We need to finish putting in the concrete pieces for the walkway and build the small concrete wall for the herb garden. After that, we just need to paint the small fence and we will be done. What a transformation is it already! Thanks to everyone who sweat their butt off to help a neighbor out! We will be going out next week to (hopefully) finish up!

Update 5/20: The next scheduled workday for this project is Thursday the 28th. All the supplies are there to build the arbor and lay the concrete path. We just need people who don't mind getting their hands dirty to help. Can we get another large group out there on the 28th to finish this up??

UPDATE 5/6: Trevor, Seth, Michelle and Meri headed out to Corbett and picked up the lumber needed for the arbor and concrete for the pathway. They delivered these items to the project site. Everything should be ready to go on the next work day!!

UPDATE 5/1: Meri, Seth, Julie and Louanne were back out there today! Rototilling, planting, digging and a whole lot of other tasks!! This yard is really starting to take shape. There will be at one, possibly two, more days and this project should be finished. We still need to build an arbor. We have the lumber and design ready to go thanks to Meri. We still need a load of gravel and a load of broken concrete chunks to make a walkway. There are quite a few offers of free gravel and concrete on CraigsList but we need a volunteer and truck to pick up these items. Even if you are unable to help on the next day but have some time to pick up and deliver these items please let us know!! When the next workday is chosen we will update everyone. Pictures of the transformation to come soon!!

UPDATE 4/18: Over a dozen volunteers showed up to help with this big project!! It was great to see so many people coming out to help others! We got about 75% completed, but there is still a little more work to do. We need an arbor built for a large grape, bricks placed around gardens and flower beds and some rototilling done around the yard. A big thank you to Aaron, Mel, Meri, Mary, Brooke, Kelli, Julie, Dwane, Cindi, Lucas, Ryan, Louanne, Abby and Seth for making this the biggest turn out we have had yet!! Thanks again to everyone!

Also, if anyone can help fix a small picket fence, both re-setting it and with a faulty gate, that would be awesome!

UPDATE 4/10: Next Wednesday, April 15th, starting at 10am we are going to amass the largest group of volunteer yard workers in history!! Not only are we going to help a deserving family but we bucking the system by not stressing over TAX DAY!! Instead, we will be raking, chopping, slicing, trimming, edging, cutting, digging, planting and mowing this yard into submission!!! So PLEASE, join us in this endeavor and show this yard who is boss!
Call 503-953-6018 to reserve your rake!! Or call to specify which yard tool you want reserved for your use.

UPDATE 4/8: Meri, a wonderful landscaping expert, went to help with this project Wednesday. She did a ton of weeding and other much needed work on this yard. She also brought quite a few plants and flowers that will be planted next Wednesday. Thanks so much Meri for all of your hard work and dedication!!

UPDATE 4/1: Seth and Mel headed out today to start the initial clean up. The weather was worse than expected and they both got soaking wet and cold but didn't call it quits!! Thanks to both of you for your hard work. We will schedule another date in the near future and hope the weather cooperates.

Update 3/20 Seth and Meri will be heading out to take a look and get a general plan going on Tuesday. Check back frequently for updates on this one!!!

This one will be lots of fun!

We were contacted a couple of days ago by a woman who really needs help with her yard. She has put most of her money into fixing up the inside of the home (which was destroyed by renters) and now needs a lot of ideas and dirty hands to help her out. She would really like a usable space for her, her daughter and their dog! She is more than happy to share some yard space so that others that don't have the space for gardens can grow some food.

This is her first home (she has lived in apartments most of her life) and she really needs help. She is more than happy to help with all the work that needs to happen, but she's just not sure of what to do or where to start. She really would like an organic garden with lots of veggies built but she is open to all ideas and suggestions.

What we would like to do is to get a few of us over there to formulate and actually draw out a plan. Michelle and Seth went over there on Saturday the 7th to see what needs to be done and to see what we have to work with. It's a fantastic yard with a TON of possibilities!

That being said, this is a big job! We figure this will be a multi-visit project. After our initial assessment, we can see the need for everything from a small picket fence that needs repair to (possibly) a retaining wall in the backyard. This job will include the front/back and side yards.

Like we said folks, this is a big job but very doable.

If you want to be involved on this project or if you have any ideas, please contact us at 503-953-6018 or

Project 18 Auto Body Work

A woman had just saved up enough money to get her car repaired after an accident. Shortly after the original repairs were completed she was at the grocery store and the same portion of her car was damaged by someone who left the scene and did not leave any contact/insurance information. She had it evaluated at a repair shop and they indicated there was no structural damage, just cosmetic. She can not afford to have the car repaired a second time and contacted us to see if we have any volunteers willing to help out. If you can help this woman please give us a call at 503-953-6018 or email us at

COMPLETED Project 17 Medical Alert Bracelet

UPDATE: 3/20 One of our volunteers, Rodger, etched the phone number into the bracelet. Seth and Michelle will be dropping it off to her tomorrow. Another one of our volunteers, Jen, did some research and found a company called that gives away free medical id cards that can be carried around. On top of this, has a sponsorship section where they occasionally give away medical bracelets through private donations. If you want more info on this please contact their Director of Contributions> at 800-228-6222 ext 2466.

A woman has an 11 year old daughter that is a type 1 diabetic. The daughter has outgrown her medical alert bracelet so the mother is wondering if we have anyone who can add a couple of links and engrave their new phone number on the back. Due to her not being able to find a job in this tough economy, she is unable to purchase another one.

If you can help with this project please give us a call at 503-953-6018 or email us at

Monday, March 2, 2009

CANCELLED Project 16 - Wheelchair Ramp

UPDATE 3/19: We received an email from the person who originally contacted us. This project is off the table for now. If circumstances change in the future and they would like our help, we will send out the call for people with Time to Help. Thanks so much for everyone who was willing to volunteer time and resources for this cause. Don't stop offering help to others!!

UPDATE 3/9: The person who contacted us is gathering more information regarding supplies, measurements and availability. We will let everyone know as soon as we have more information.

Got time to help a family in need?

We just received an email from a wonderful couple whose close friends are going through some very rough times right now. Here is a recap of their email to us:

The woman just recently had a stroke and the husband has some rather severe heart issues and is on disability. They also have a teenage son. The woman would love to be able to come home to her family, but they have no wheelchair access (ramp) at their home and they might need some minor modifications to the inside so that she will be able to maneuver around.

Some or all of the materials can be purchased by the friends, but they can't afford to hire someone right now. This is exactly why we started We've Got Time to Help!

These are good people, they have worked hard all their lives and now they need a little help from us!

They live just about 5 miles outside Battleground Washington, so we were thinking we could pick a day for a group of us to go up there so that some of us could carpool. We would like to get this done as soon as possible so that she can come home!

Please let us know if you will join us on this most worthwhile cause!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

COMPLETED Project 15 Pick up/delivery for Paws to Freedom

COMPLETED 2/28: Taking a break from helping dismantle the shop for project 8, Trevor and Michelle headed out to Beaverton to pick up the file cabinets donated to Paws to Freedom. Upon arrival we realized the file cabinets were bigger than expected. There was a standard 4 drawer, a small two drawer and a behemoth 5 drawer lateral cabinet. Luckily the person donating them had a hand cart to get them to the truck as we did not bring one.

When we arrived in SE Portland we stopped by the Safeway on Woodstock to see if they would let us borrow a hand truck to unload the file cabinets. They were agreeable but only had one that was currently being used to process their shipment.

Next we went to Bi-Mart with the same request. They stated they could not due to the liability issue.

Our third attempt paid off. We went to Ace Hardware on SE Woodstock in Portland. We spoke with Erin and after we explained who we were and what we were doing he offered to not charge for rental of the hand truck as long as we left a deposit that we could collect when the hand truck was returned. That was great!! It made short work of unloading the truck.

Honestly-we don't know what we would have done without them. Once again, it just goes to show that good people are out there. Thank you so much Erin. We couldn't have done it without your help. And thanks to Trevor who, once again donated his truck, time and gas to help others.

Paws to Freedom was so impressed with We've Got Time to Help that they have requested our help again.

Another kind person, who is closing their office, has donated some file cabinets and they have asked for our help picking them up near Barbur Blvd and Capital Highway and delivering them to Paws to Freedom in SE Portland. The person donating is willing to open the office for our volunteers this Saturday to pick up the items.

Anyone have time to help on Saturday? It may not take a truck but will need a larger vehicle such as a SUV or station wagon. Email us at or call 503-953-6018 if you are interested. We have photos of the items if you want to see if they will fit in your vehicle.

COMPLETED Project 14 Chess Anyone?

UPDATE 4/1: Aric has been going out there to teach the children chess. There are 3 kids that are showing an interest! Thanks so much Aric for volunteering for this great project.

UPDATE 3/20: Aric headed out to help with this yesterday. As soon as we get an update we will let everyone know how it went. Aric-feel free to post a comment or send us an email to let us know how it is going!!

Anyone interested in teaching chess to children? We have had a request from someone who works in a family homeless shelter in East Portland. They are looking for someone who can teach the children staying in the shelter how to play chess. They have procured boards and lesson plans from another nonprofit organization called Chess for Success and just need someone (whether you know chess or not) to come in twice a week from 3:30-5 ideally on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. You don't have to know chess just a desire to learn and teach. This shelter is looking for someone to come on an ongoing basis, not just a one time event. Know chess, want to learn and teach chess?? Email us or give us a call at 503-953-6018.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

COMPLETED Project 13 Community Gardens, Community Gardens Everywhere!

UPDATE 6/16: We had a lot of different requests for help with community gardens. Our volunteers helped out where they could. We want to thank everyone who helped with any of the community gardens!! Thank you so much for all that each and every one of you does!!

We have had a lot of calls for community garden building projects. We have 3 different ones in the works right now, one of them being quite large! If you have a green thumb or you just want to get your hands dirty, please call 503-953-6018 or email

Thank you!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

COMPLETED Project 12 Fence Building 101

UPDATE 3/20: Aaron found some more free time and finished this project all by himself!! Thanks Aaron. What would we do without you!!

UPDATE 3/5: Aaron had a few free hours today so he went out and was able to get all of the slats put up. Way to go, Aaron!! The only thing remaining is installing the gate kit and building the gate that goes with the kit. Aaron even got the hole dug for the posts for the gates. Anyone have time to help finish this project? Just give us a call or send us an email!! We would like to finish this as soon as possible so the woman get let her little dog run free in the yard again!

UPDATE 2/26: We will be heading back out next week on Wednesday or Thursday to put up the fence boards. If you are interested please give us a call. We could always use more help!!

UPDATE 2/22: Michelle, Seth and Randall got the frame of the fence put up. All the holes are dug and the concrete is poured. All that's left is to attach the fence slats and the project will be completed!

UPDATE 2/16: We are headed out to Troutdale this Saturday the 21st! Call Seth at 503-953-6018 for times, address and directions. Thank you!!

We just received a call from Aaron, one of our volunteers, and he just heard about a woman in Troutdale who had a 40 foot section of her fence destroyed. Her neighbors have all chipped in and purchased the fencing materials but they need some help with the labor. I am waiting for the woman to call me with specifics (date, time, etc.) but anyone who wants to volunteer for this is more than welcome!

This is definitely more of a labor job than a technical one. Who's got time to help?

Email or call 503-953-6018 if you want to help.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

COMPLETED Project 11 Pick up/Delivery-TV

UPDATE 2/17: James and Seth went out to Beaverton today, picked up the TV and delivered it to Paws to Freedom in SE Portland. They are an entirely volunteer organization training disabled people to train their own service dogs and needed the TV to watch training videos. They were so appreciative of We've Got Time to Help they are going to put us up as a link on their own website! Thanks to everyone involved in this project!!

UPDATE 2/15: We are scheduled to pick up and deliver on Tuesday the 17th. Anyone wanting to help out on this, just give me a call at 503-953-6018. Thanks!

Someone has donated a 32" (rumored 176lb) television to Paws to Freedom for their training services. The TV is in Aloha (near Baseline and Cornelius Pass).

The TV needs to be picked up and then delivered to Paws to Freedom in SE near 39th Ave. They could really use this TV and we could really use a truck and a body or two to help make this happen.

Email or call 503-953-6018.

Friday, February 13, 2009

CANCELLED Project 10 Food Drive

UPDATE: Due to the unexpected requests for help we are taking this off the table for now. If we slow down and have some free time we will take this back up! Thanks to everyone who was willing to help.

UPDATE 3/9: Since the meet and greet is scheduled for March 18th we will discuss this project at the meet and greet to select another date.

UPDATE 02/25: We are holding our first ever FOOD DRIVE on March 18th to benefit the Oregon Food Bank! We will have a booth/table set-up so that people can drop off items and, we will have a small group(s) that will go door to door. We will have business cards and flyers that you can hand out on that day, and we are working on getting everyone T-shirts for the event! Please let me know if you want to be involved! 503-953-6018.

Let's all plan to get out next week and do a group community project! I think that we could put up a pretty good food drive for the Oregon Food Bank. But I would love to hear what everyone else thinks.

Just let me know. If you like this idea or you can think of a project that a bunch of us can do next week, just email or call 503-953-6018.

COMPLETED Project 9 Auto Repair

UPDATE 4/1: We had a new volunteer to the group offer to help repair this vehicle. Since our original contact with this woman the van has developed a few other problems but Jed is more than willing to take this on. Thanks for all your hard work Jed!!

We need to find someone who is capable of repairing a vehicle (minivan) for a young woman. It runs but it won't pass DEQ. She was told that the points are misfiring and that the gas is too rich? Having no auto mechanical skills, I have no clue what this means, but I'm sure someone out there does.

If you can help, just email or call 503-953-6018.

COMPLETED Project 8 Small Local Business to Close Doors

UPDATE 3/9: The owners of this business, with the help of our volunteers, were able to get the rest of the supplies and equipment out of the building. Thanks to everyone who helped with this one. It was the best volunteer turn out we have had to date!

UPDATE 3/2: Seth went back out today to help wrap this up. They tore down more equipment, moved more items to storage and cleared out all the garbage. We are waiting to hear if they need help. As soon as we hear any additional news we will let everyone know. Thanks again to all the volunteers who worked on this with us!

UPDATE 2/28: First of all, thank you to all of the volunteers that showed up to help, especially on such short notice. Lynn, Aric and Jenn, Mel, Trevor, Seth and Michelle all showed up to help out a family business tear down their shop. Margena and Rodger from King's Embroidery also donated about a dozen shirts with We've Got Time to Help's new logo embroidered on them. Margena and Rodger worked late into the night on Friday, just to make sure that they could have our shirts ready for us. Thank so much to King's Embroidery!!

We wish we could have been there under different circumstances or for a happier occasion. But, unfortunately, Modern Color was one of the latest casualties in this economic downturn. They are a great group of people who deserved more than to have to shut their doors.

So, the volunteers started showing up around 9am and immediately got to work. Anything from talking loads of trash to the huge dumpster to dismantling equipment. Everyone was a great help! We didn't get all of it done, but we made a big dent. Seth is going back out there Monday, March 2nd (tomorrow), to help out some more. Anyone is more than welcome to give us a call at 503-953-6018 if you'd like to help out this week. There is more moving to be done and more breakdown of equipment that needs to happen. Just give us a call or email if you're interested.

The owners of Modern Color also said that they are going to try and open up a smaller shop ASAP. They are hoping to be operational in their new location within a week or so. Please keep them in mind if you need any signs or banners or you know of someone who could use their service.

Thanks again to everyone for helping out on this! You are much more appreciated than words can say.

UPDATE 2/28: The business is called Modern Color and is located at 6132 NE 114th. This is near airport way. If anyone can help this Saturday, the 28th, please let us know immediately! Email us at or call us at 503-953-6018. Or just show up!! Any time, no matter how, small will help this family in their time of need.

Does anyone have time to help this family?

UPDATE 2/26: It is with a sad heart that we announce that this small local company has to close it's doors. It is a small family run business that can no longer stay in business with the economy in its current state. What they need now is immediate help moving the equipment out of the building. They have a storage unit, a truck with a lift gate rented, pallets and pallet jacks. All they need is help getting everything out. Their entire family worked for this business and are now all unemployed.
If anyone can help this Saturday, the 28th, please let us know immediately!! Email us at or call us at 503-953-6018.

One of our volunteers has a local sign and banner making business that is hurting because of the economy. I would like to get a small group of volunteers together to get out in our neighborhoods and try to get them some more business.

We could canvas just about anywhere and I have some specific companies that I want to contact.

If anyone wishes to help on this project, just email or call 503-953-6018.

CANCELLED Project 7 Business Vendor Fair

UPDATE 4/3: Well, the world turns and the universe evolves. Seth arrived first today at this event. Their were changes that we were unprepared for and unable to accommodate so we are unable to participate in this event. We thank all of the volunteers that were willing to help out. There is an all nonprofit/community organization event scheduled for June that we will need volunteers to spread the good word so keep up the good work and keep checking back!! This world is a better place for each and everyone of you doing what you do. Thank you again.

UPDATE 4/2: This event is sneaking up quick!! We still have quite a few two hour shifts we need covered. Any help at all is greatly appreciated. Does anyone Have Time to Help?? It is really easy. We will just be talking to people about what we do, why we do it and how they can help or be helped.

UPDATE 3/20: The time is getting near!! We have had a couple of more people volunteer to help with this one. Thanks Randall and Julie!! There is always space for more. Anyone else interested?

UPDATE 2/16: We have had one volunteer so far, anyone else interested?

One of our volunteers has donated a booth at a Business Vendor Fair in April at Jantzen Beach.
April 3rd from 5pm to 9pm
April 4th from 9am to 9pm
April 5th from 10am to 6pm

I am looking for a few people to be at the booth with me (I will be there all 3 days), spreading the word, handing out business cards and flyers and just getting the word out about what we do! You can volunteer for as little or as much as you like.

Anyone up for it?

Email me at or call 503-953-6018! Thanks

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Project 6 Publicity for We've Got Time to Help

UPDATE 5/18: Abby, a reporter for the Oregonian, contacted us looking to write an article about We've Got Time to Help. We will be talking to her shortly and we will let everyone know when the story is published!!

UPDATE 5/15: We've Got Time to Help was contacted by Guidepost Magazine. Seth was interviewed over the phone and We've Got Time to Help will be featured in their September issue.

UPDATE 5/9: We received an email from a person in Idaho. She indicated she had read about us on the Huffington Post website and was impressed with what we were doing in Oregon. We said "WHAT?". We didn't know we were on the Huffington Post. How cool is that??? You can read the article here. And a big thanks to Joanie Calder, who is the volunteer coordinator for the International Rescue Committee ( in Boise. They are like minded people working for the greater good. Thanks for letting us know, Joanie, and keep up the good work!

UPDATE 5/6: The KATU article was published today. Check it out in the Mind and Money page when you have chance.

UPDATE 4/28: We've Got Time to Help was contacted by Nancy Woods from KATU. She wanted to interview us for an online article about what we are doing. We had a phone interview today. She indicated that the article would be posted on the Mind and Money page of sometime next week so keep your eyes peeled!! As soon as it is posted we will include a link. As always, we appreciate this opportunity to get the word out about We've Got Time to Help!!

UPDATE 4/13: The Think Out Loud interview aired today and we have had a great response! So many new people offering up help to others. Take a moment to listen when you have a spare moment.

UPDATE 4/10: We were contacted last week by Sarah Rothenfluch from Oregon Public Broadcasting's show, Think Out Loud. This is such a great opportunity for us to get the word out about what we do and how we can help people. The show will run from 9am-10am on Monday. Please, spread the word and let anyone in your community know that we are here to help them in any way we can. Sarah's approach to this story is fitting the pieces of our community into a larger social puzzle. She will also be interviewing a prior customer of Modern Color (the small business that we helped close their doors) and how he had to reduce his advertising budget which directly affected Modern Color; how Desi Miller and crew turned Modern Color into Moso Graphics; how Michelle and I (Seth) turned unemployment into a positive experience and how a laid-off heavy equipment operator used F.I.D.O. (Friends Involved in Dog Outreach) to help him provide food for his animal allowing him to keep his pets instead of having to turn them over to a shelter. If you have time please listen to this informative community driven program.

UPDATE 4/3: On Friday, we were interviewed by the owners/creators of the new Portland Upside newspaper. This is a phenomenal newspaper that highlights nothing but positive, uplifting stories from around the Portland community. No death, crime or negative news. No religion, politics or opinions will be voiced here. Just positive stories about individuals and groups that are making their communities better places to live. Please, check them out and, tell everyone you know that the first issue will be out on May 8th, 2009.

UPDATE 3/31: We've Got Time to Help was contacted by Goodness Magazine , a publication from Portland Family Magazine. As their website states, 'Their Goodness Mission is to showcase the many positive accomplishments of those from our community; to use media and each issue of Goodness to create a sense of hopefulness, not helplessness; to preserve the art of storytelling and illuminate the everyday compassion we have for one another.' They have interviewed us and we will be featured in an upcoming issue. The person who interviewed us also posted on her blog about what we do and why we do it. We appreciate this gesture of good will and faith in humanity! Please check out what she has to say about We've Got Time to Help at
Don't forget to check out what the magazine Goodness Magazine is about, as well. We love and agree wholeheartedly with their mission!!

UPDATE 3/22: The article for the Chronicle of Philanthropy magazine has been published!! It was really well written and, hopefully, will give us some good publicity. They also mentioned Paws to Freedom. We hope this sends good things their way, as well. The article gives lots of examples of how others across the country are working towards a similar goal. It is great to see others similarly getting involved. You can read the article here:

UPDATE 3/9: We have been contacted by an upstart magazine dedicated to finding the good in Portland. Specifically, people, organizations, and events in the metro area that are making a difference and contributing positively to the community. This magazine is called The Portland Upside. Michelle and Seth will be interviewed today for an article in their first issue! You can check out their website at

UPDATE 3/6: We ran across another wonderfully written article at We were not aware of this article and just love the fact people are starting to talk about who we are and what we do. This is wonderful!

UPDATE 2/25: We were contacted by Brennan Jensen who is a reporter for a magazine called Chronicle of Philanthropy. This is a national bi-weekly newspaper covering the nonprofit world. He ran across our blog while researching a story about laid-off workers and jobless college grads turning to volunteerism. He contacted us to learn more about our efforts in Oregon. Seth did a phone interview with this reporter today. We can't wait to see the final story!! Here is a link to their website.

UPDATE 2/18: We stumbled across a story on We've Got Time to Help at We were unaware of this fabulous coverage before hand and really appreciate Lorri for this wonderful write-up about our efforts.

UPDATE 2/6: Michelle and Seth were interviewed by Bridget at KBOO radio today. She stumbled across the blog and thought it was a great concept. Here is the link to the interview.

We need to get the word out about We've Got Time to Help! We need to make sure that we are reaching as many people in need as possible. So, if you have any media contacts or you just want to help with getting the word out about us, please call 503-953-6018 or email

We can also do things like putting up posters/signs around town about us or hold community gatherings to spread the word. If you have any other ideas, please let us know!

COMPLETED Project 5 Auto Work-Thanks Hall!

UPDATE 02/25: A BIG thank you to Hall as he helped these people get their cars back on the road!

We have 2 different calls for help for people with a need for auto mechanics. One woman is in NE Portland and the other is in SE. Any mechanics out there? Call 503-953-6018 or email to get started!

COMPLETED Project 4 Plumbing Electrical NE Portland

A family that owns a home in the Gateway area of Portland needs some plumbing and electrical work done to her home before they can put it on the market. They also run a business that is hurting right now. They have donated a lot of time and materials to We've Got Time to Help and I would love to be able to help these folks out. Call 503-953-6018 or email to get started on this Project!

COMPLETED Project 3 Community Garden 1

UPDATE 3/20: We had trouble coordinating help with this project. We were never able to get volunteers available when Rachel was available so she ended up completing this one on her own. Sorry we were unable to help Rachel.

UPDATE: 02/25: The majority of the work is done now. There is still some left to do and so Rachel will call and let me know what days she'll need help!

UPDATE 02/16: Rachel wrote to us today and said that they got 7 beds built and are going to build 2 more! Soil is coming tomorrow, and we have a couple of volunteers headed out there on Wed. the 18th. She also would like to put up a fence around the gardens, so it would be great to get a few more hands on this one. This is another one of those projects that may not interest you but we have others who could help if we could get them transportation. Anyone??

Update: She has purchased some cedar for the beds and is getting dirt delivered this weekend. Her name is Rachel and her phone number is (503)740-4418. We can go out there one by one or as a group.

We have a woman who has 2 homes on a large lot. She wants to build some raised beds for a community-type garden. She runs a daycare during the week but she is available to help on the weekends. She would love to get going on this project this weekend. Anyone available?

It's also rumored that she would make a mean soup and biscuits for people helping out!

Project 2 Roofing NE Portland

UPDATE 2/18: Aaron and Seth went to view this job today. Their first estimate is that we will need four to five people and it will take about four hours.
We are going to call around to see if we can get them some discounted shingles. We will let everyone know when we have a date for this project.

UPDATE: We are going to look at the roof on Thursday the 19th. All who were interested in this project, just give me a call at 503-953-6018 for more details.

We have a family that's hurting right now. They have a small portion of their roof that (probably) needs a complete tear-off. We have 3 volunteers for this right now, so I think we are good on this one!

COMPLETED Project 1 House Organization

UPDATE: This woman just wanted to say thanks to Mel and Julie for helping her get organized. It was a great help and mood lifter for her. Once again-Thanks Mel and Julie!!

UPDATE 2/18: Julie Y. and Mel went out and helped this woman today. A big thanks to both of you!! They made a huge dent in getting her organized. Most of what is still outstanding is sorting through paperwork and deciding what she needs to keep. If anyone is interested please let us know.

UPDATE 2/16: We have 1 definite volunteer to go out on Wednesday the 18th. I would love to have at least one more to help! Even if this is not your cup of tea we have a couple of other volunteers who would help if we could get them transportation. Anyone interested?

UPDATE: The lovely woman called me this morning and she is ready for help! Call me if you are interested in helping her organize her home! 503-953-6018.

A woman in Oregon City needs some help going through her belongings in her home and getting them organized. She then wants to figure out what can be donated, what can be kept and then what can be sold. If there are some items to sell, she will need help with getting them posted on the Internet. We probably need 3 people for this project. Thanks!