Monday, April 20, 2009

Project 32 - Horse Arena

We received an email a couple of days ago from one of our neighbors (who has been a volunteer with us since the beginning). Recently, she was informed that a friend of hers that lives just outside of Banks on HWY 26 was near losing her home. She has a horse arena that must be up and running by June, and she has neither the income nor the power to do this on her own. Also, her son just left her place a mess, so now she needs items hauled away, and horse stalls that must be finished.

She has all the supplies to finish her arena but she just needs some neighborly neighbors to help her out.

I think we might have a few people who would love to meet a new neighbor and give her a hand saving her home. Got time?

We are going to need some help with this one guys and gals, so please give us a call at 503-953-6018 or email us at and let us know that you can help!

Many, many thanks!

COMPLETED Project 31 - Licensed Plumber

UPDATE 5/22: An anonymous plumber just finished up the project last night. Everything went great and the work has been completed! Thank you to all!

We received a call from a woman with the Parkrose United Methodist Church (PUMC) community garden committee. They are just starting a community garden project to serve the Parkrose Heights neighborhood in Portland.

They plan to break ground on Saturday, April 25th by starting to install the garden fence. At this time they will also dig the trenches for the irrigation system to be installed. While they have plenty of volunteers to do this work, the City of Portland requires them to have a licensed plumber pull the permit for the work which includes the following: installation of an in line connection to the church's water line (water to be measured separately from church), one shut-off valve, approximately 200 lineal feet PVC pipe and 6 risers/hose bibs. They have grant funds that can cover the cost of the permit and cost of materials.

What they really need is a licensed plumber that would be willing to pull the permit, give them advice and/or shop for the appropriate materials and oversee their installation. Again, all trenches will be dug and they will fill them in after inspection. They anticipate that this part of the project would take between 4 and 6 hours and they are available to work with a plumber on any day after April 25th.

Got Time to Help a good neighbor? Just give us a shout at 503-953-6018 or email us at

Thank you!

Project 30 - Porch sanding and repainting

We were contacted by an extended neighbor who could really use some help clearing off, sanding and repainting their porch. It sounds like a pretty straight forward project and they can supply all of the materials.

We just need to coordinate a work party to go out there for a day (or less) and help these new neighbors out!

Whose Got Time to meet some of our new neighbors?

If you want to help just give us a call at 503-953-6018 or email us at

Thanks so much!

Project 29 - Newberg mobile home skirting

A neighbor contacted us a few days ago saying that she lives in a mobile home in Newberg and the skirting has started to fall and there are now some gaps that are allowing animals to get in.

This should be a pretty easy job. It will just entails getting underneath the home and securing the skirting around it so that there are no more gaps.

Does any friendly neighbor out there have time to help this lovely woman?

Just give us a call at 503-953-6018 or email us at


Saturday, April 18, 2009

COMPLETED Project 28 - School Library needs volunteers

Update: 06/20 - Thank you so much to Lucas and Michele for helping on this wonderful project! You guys are awesome! We can't tell you how much she appreciated your help.

We met with a wonderful woman who is the librarian for a small, private school in outer NE Portland. Because of budget cuts, she has no assistant anymore. She is in need of a couple of things.

First, between June 3rd-5th, and again on June 10th-12th, she will need help shutting down the library for the summer. This entails everything from shelving their inventory using the Dewey Decimal system, restocking the shelves and boxing up some older books.

This will take someone detail oriented and requires a lot of bending and standing and lifting. So, if you are free to help in June, she would love to see you there!

Also, she is hoping to find one or two kind volunteers that might like to volunteer on a regular basis, Wednesday through Friday, for an hour or two.

She is willing to write a letter of recommendation for volunteers to attach to their resumes, if they would like one.

Just let us know if you can lend a hand. Give us a call at 503-953-6018 or email

COMPLETED Project 27 - Patching and Painting

UPDATE 5/13: Cindy C. was kind enough to take some time out of her day to help finish the job! She painted the entire hallway by herself! Thank you, Cindi!!

UPDATE 4/30: Ryan, Seth and Stasi headed out to help these people. They cleared out the room, washed the walls, patches some small holes then primed and painted. They were so appreciative of the help!! A special thanks to Cindy for attempting to help on this project but was unable to locate the building (my nature of the center it is not easy to find). She spent quite a bit of time looking but was unable to find it. We really appreciate your effort to help Cindy and look forward to working with you in the future!

This is a project a battered women and children center in NW Portland. In their offices, they have one small (7x9) room and a hallway that need a little work. The room has already been patched but still needs to be sanded and then painted. The hallway needs a couple of small holes patched, walls wiped down and then painted. This should be a pretty quick, less than a full day job. The shelter has the paint and some plaster, but can't afford to finish the job.

We think that 3 people for this job would be great!

So, if a few of you guys and gals out there have a few extra hours this week, please contact Seth or Michelle at 503-953-6018 or shoot us an email at

Also, if anyone (volunteer or not) has some painting supplies (brushes, rollers, plaster) they would like to donate to this and a couple of other projects, it would be such a big help to us.

Thank you, thank you!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

COMPLETED - Project 26 - Delivery of top soil to a garden

UPDATE: A friendly neighbor helped this gentleman almost right away. Thank you to the anonymous helper!!

This should be a quick and easy project! A fine gentleman contacted us yesterday. He wants to purchase a load of top soil, but has no method of getting it to his home. He just needs the soil picked up and delivered to his home. He says that he will do all of the work himself, but just needs someone with a truck.

From the store to his home is less than 2 miles.

Any volunteers?

Give us a call at 503-953-6018 or email us at to sign up for this. Thanks!

COMPLETED - Project 25 - Neighborhood Cleanup

UPDATE 5/23: Thank you to all the volunteers who helped out with this one. It was a great success and the neighborhood and school look great! Thank you!!

This afternoon, we spoke with Sarah, who is the Marketing and Outreach coordinator for the Leadership and Entrepreneurship Public charter high school. She and the school are putting on a neighborhood cleanup, on the 23rd of May.

Our volunteers would be partnering with their students to clean up the neighborhood, pick up garbage, clean graffiti etc. etc. The school is also partnering with Starbucks and this project helps them to earn a small grant.

This high school is very service oriented and this is a very worthy cause.

Got Time to Help cleanup a neighborhood? To sign up, just give us a call at 503-953-6018 or shoot us an email at

Project 24 Finish a Bedroom and Bathroom

We received an email from a woman with the Insights Teen Parent Program today. She told us of a young, pregnant woman (due in July) who lives in an unfinished mobile home. Most of it is complete, but there is still a bedroom and bathroom that need to be sheet rocked, mud and taped and then painted. All the materials are at the house and ready to go up, but the woman doesn't have any tools for the job. I'm sure we can fix that problem!

The young woman doesn't have the skills to finish the job and she is in school full time so she has no funds to hire someone. I think this would be a pretty quick job - a day, maybe two and we could give this woman a finished home. Sounds pretty cool to us!

We would like to get this completed within the next week, if possible. It should be easy if we can get a few volunteers for this one. Who is up for helping this young family?

Email or give us a call at 503-953-6018. Thank you all!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

COMPLETED Project 23 Spreading Bark Dust

We received a call from a woman who needed help. She indicated she had Multiple Sclerosis and had recently fallen. She had purchased some bark dust and was now unable to spread the bark dust around her flower beds. We sent out an email to our volunteers. Jen and Aric responded with what seemed to be the speed of light. We had not even had a chance to post about it yet and they had already been out and taken care of this woman. Besides helping spread the bark dust they ended up pulling weeds, raking, and putting in a stone walkway so she could use her walker between rows of plants.

Thanks to both of you, Jen and Aric, for always offering to go above and beyond what is asked or expected!!