Monday, April 20, 2009

COMPLETED Project 31 - Licensed Plumber

UPDATE 5/22: An anonymous plumber just finished up the project last night. Everything went great and the work has been completed! Thank you to all!

We received a call from a woman with the Parkrose United Methodist Church (PUMC) community garden committee. They are just starting a community garden project to serve the Parkrose Heights neighborhood in Portland.

They plan to break ground on Saturday, April 25th by starting to install the garden fence. At this time they will also dig the trenches for the irrigation system to be installed. While they have plenty of volunteers to do this work, the City of Portland requires them to have a licensed plumber pull the permit for the work which includes the following: installation of an in line connection to the church's water line (water to be measured separately from church), one shut-off valve, approximately 200 lineal feet PVC pipe and 6 risers/hose bibs. They have grant funds that can cover the cost of the permit and cost of materials.

What they really need is a licensed plumber that would be willing to pull the permit, give them advice and/or shop for the appropriate materials and oversee their installation. Again, all trenches will be dug and they will fill them in after inspection. They anticipate that this part of the project would take between 4 and 6 hours and they are available to work with a plumber on any day after April 25th.

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Thank you!

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