Monday, March 9, 2009

COMPLETED Project 17 Medical Alert Bracelet

UPDATE: 3/20 One of our volunteers, Rodger, etched the phone number into the bracelet. Seth and Michelle will be dropping it off to her tomorrow. Another one of our volunteers, Jen, did some research and found a company called that gives away free medical id cards that can be carried around. On top of this, has a sponsorship section where they occasionally give away medical bracelets through private donations. If you want more info on this please contact their Director of Contributions> at 800-228-6222 ext 2466.

A woman has an 11 year old daughter that is a type 1 diabetic. The daughter has outgrown her medical alert bracelet so the mother is wondering if we have anyone who can add a couple of links and engrave their new phone number on the back. Due to her not being able to find a job in this tough economy, she is unable to purchase another one.

If you can help with this project please give us a call at 503-953-6018 or email us at

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