Friday, March 20, 2009

COMPLETED Project 22 - Help Moving on April 4th

UPDATE 4/4: Well, our moving project went off really well on Saturday the 4th. We moved a wonderful woman from inner SE Portland out to Gresham. We had 5 volunteers for the move. Thank you so much to Igor, Mel, Trevor, Michelle and Seth.

So, even though we had 4 cars and 1 truck to pack up, we ended up making 2 trips. It went smoothly, though. This lovely woman was very thankful and we couldn't be happier to have helped!
Thank you again to everyone. You are changing people's lives and giving them renewed hope in humanity!

UPDATE 4/2: We have four volunteers so far (and 1 truck) but can always use more hands!! Please let us know if you Have Time to Help this woman.

UPDATE 3/22: We are planning to meet at our house at 9am, Saturday April 4th, and then carpooling to this woman's house. If you Have Time to Help please email or call us for the address. If you are unable to donate the whole day, but can still partially help, please contact us and we can give you the address of where we will be starting.

We were contacted by someone who needs help moving. She has a 1-bedroom apartment with no appliances. A couch, dresser and bed are the largest items. She is unable to lift the heavy things and asked if we had people with trucks and any others who could help.

Does anyone have Time to Help?

If you can help this woman please give us a call at 503-953-6018 or email us at

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