Thursday, February 12, 2009

COMPLETED Project 3 Community Garden 1

UPDATE 3/20: We had trouble coordinating help with this project. We were never able to get volunteers available when Rachel was available so she ended up completing this one on her own. Sorry we were unable to help Rachel.

UPDATE: 02/25: The majority of the work is done now. There is still some left to do and so Rachel will call and let me know what days she'll need help!

UPDATE 02/16: Rachel wrote to us today and said that they got 7 beds built and are going to build 2 more! Soil is coming tomorrow, and we have a couple of volunteers headed out there on Wed. the 18th. She also would like to put up a fence around the gardens, so it would be great to get a few more hands on this one. This is another one of those projects that may not interest you but we have others who could help if we could get them transportation. Anyone??

Update: She has purchased some cedar for the beds and is getting dirt delivered this weekend. Her name is Rachel and her phone number is (503)740-4418. We can go out there one by one or as a group.

We have a woman who has 2 homes on a large lot. She wants to build some raised beds for a community-type garden. She runs a daycare during the week but she is available to help on the weekends. She would love to get going on this project this weekend. Anyone available?

It's also rumored that she would make a mean soup and biscuits for people helping out!

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