Thursday, February 12, 2009

COMPLETED Project 1 House Organization

UPDATE: This woman just wanted to say thanks to Mel and Julie for helping her get organized. It was a great help and mood lifter for her. Once again-Thanks Mel and Julie!!

UPDATE 2/18: Julie Y. and Mel went out and helped this woman today. A big thanks to both of you!! They made a huge dent in getting her organized. Most of what is still outstanding is sorting through paperwork and deciding what she needs to keep. If anyone is interested please let us know.

UPDATE 2/16: We have 1 definite volunteer to go out on Wednesday the 18th. I would love to have at least one more to help! Even if this is not your cup of tea we have a couple of other volunteers who would help if we could get them transportation. Anyone interested?

UPDATE: The lovely woman called me this morning and she is ready for help! Call me if you are interested in helping her organize her home! 503-953-6018.

A woman in Oregon City needs some help going through her belongings in her home and getting them organized. She then wants to figure out what can be donated, what can be kept and then what can be sold. If there are some items to sell, she will need help with getting them posted on the Internet. We probably need 3 people for this project. Thanks!


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