Thursday, February 12, 2009

Project 6 Publicity for We've Got Time to Help

UPDATE 5/18: Abby, a reporter for the Oregonian, contacted us looking to write an article about We've Got Time to Help. We will be talking to her shortly and we will let everyone know when the story is published!!

UPDATE 5/15: We've Got Time to Help was contacted by Guidepost Magazine. Seth was interviewed over the phone and We've Got Time to Help will be featured in their September issue.

UPDATE 5/9: We received an email from a person in Idaho. She indicated she had read about us on the Huffington Post website and was impressed with what we were doing in Oregon. We said "WHAT?". We didn't know we were on the Huffington Post. How cool is that??? You can read the article here. And a big thanks to Joanie Calder, who is the volunteer coordinator for the International Rescue Committee ( in Boise. They are like minded people working for the greater good. Thanks for letting us know, Joanie, and keep up the good work!

UPDATE 5/6: The KATU article was published today. Check it out in the Mind and Money page when you have chance.

UPDATE 4/28: We've Got Time to Help was contacted by Nancy Woods from KATU. She wanted to interview us for an online article about what we are doing. We had a phone interview today. She indicated that the article would be posted on the Mind and Money page of sometime next week so keep your eyes peeled!! As soon as it is posted we will include a link. As always, we appreciate this opportunity to get the word out about We've Got Time to Help!!

UPDATE 4/13: The Think Out Loud interview aired today and we have had a great response! So many new people offering up help to others. Take a moment to listen when you have a spare moment.

UPDATE 4/10: We were contacted last week by Sarah Rothenfluch from Oregon Public Broadcasting's show, Think Out Loud. This is such a great opportunity for us to get the word out about what we do and how we can help people. The show will run from 9am-10am on Monday. Please, spread the word and let anyone in your community know that we are here to help them in any way we can. Sarah's approach to this story is fitting the pieces of our community into a larger social puzzle. She will also be interviewing a prior customer of Modern Color (the small business that we helped close their doors) and how he had to reduce his advertising budget which directly affected Modern Color; how Desi Miller and crew turned Modern Color into Moso Graphics; how Michelle and I (Seth) turned unemployment into a positive experience and how a laid-off heavy equipment operator used F.I.D.O. (Friends Involved in Dog Outreach) to help him provide food for his animal allowing him to keep his pets instead of having to turn them over to a shelter. If you have time please listen to this informative community driven program.

UPDATE 4/3: On Friday, we were interviewed by the owners/creators of the new Portland Upside newspaper. This is a phenomenal newspaper that highlights nothing but positive, uplifting stories from around the Portland community. No death, crime or negative news. No religion, politics or opinions will be voiced here. Just positive stories about individuals and groups that are making their communities better places to live. Please, check them out and, tell everyone you know that the first issue will be out on May 8th, 2009.

UPDATE 3/31: We've Got Time to Help was contacted by Goodness Magazine , a publication from Portland Family Magazine. As their website states, 'Their Goodness Mission is to showcase the many positive accomplishments of those from our community; to use media and each issue of Goodness to create a sense of hopefulness, not helplessness; to preserve the art of storytelling and illuminate the everyday compassion we have for one another.' They have interviewed us and we will be featured in an upcoming issue. The person who interviewed us also posted on her blog about what we do and why we do it. We appreciate this gesture of good will and faith in humanity! Please check out what she has to say about We've Got Time to Help at
Don't forget to check out what the magazine Goodness Magazine is about, as well. We love and agree wholeheartedly with their mission!!

UPDATE 3/22: The article for the Chronicle of Philanthropy magazine has been published!! It was really well written and, hopefully, will give us some good publicity. They also mentioned Paws to Freedom. We hope this sends good things their way, as well. The article gives lots of examples of how others across the country are working towards a similar goal. It is great to see others similarly getting involved. You can read the article here:

UPDATE 3/9: We have been contacted by an upstart magazine dedicated to finding the good in Portland. Specifically, people, organizations, and events in the metro area that are making a difference and contributing positively to the community. This magazine is called The Portland Upside. Michelle and Seth will be interviewed today for an article in their first issue! You can check out their website at

UPDATE 3/6: We ran across another wonderfully written article at We were not aware of this article and just love the fact people are starting to talk about who we are and what we do. This is wonderful!

UPDATE 2/25: We were contacted by Brennan Jensen who is a reporter for a magazine called Chronicle of Philanthropy. This is a national bi-weekly newspaper covering the nonprofit world. He ran across our blog while researching a story about laid-off workers and jobless college grads turning to volunteerism. He contacted us to learn more about our efforts in Oregon. Seth did a phone interview with this reporter today. We can't wait to see the final story!! Here is a link to their website.

UPDATE 2/18: We stumbled across a story on We've Got Time to Help at We were unaware of this fabulous coverage before hand and really appreciate Lorri for this wonderful write-up about our efforts.

UPDATE 2/6: Michelle and Seth were interviewed by Bridget at KBOO radio today. She stumbled across the blog and thought it was a great concept. Here is the link to the interview.

We need to get the word out about We've Got Time to Help! We need to make sure that we are reaching as many people in need as possible. So, if you have any media contacts or you just want to help with getting the word out about us, please call 503-953-6018 or email

We can also do things like putting up posters/signs around town about us or hold community gatherings to spread the word. If you have any other ideas, please let us know!

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