Sunday, February 15, 2009

COMPLETED Project 12 Fence Building 101

UPDATE 3/20: Aaron found some more free time and finished this project all by himself!! Thanks Aaron. What would we do without you!!

UPDATE 3/5: Aaron had a few free hours today so he went out and was able to get all of the slats put up. Way to go, Aaron!! The only thing remaining is installing the gate kit and building the gate that goes with the kit. Aaron even got the hole dug for the posts for the gates. Anyone have time to help finish this project? Just give us a call or send us an email!! We would like to finish this as soon as possible so the woman get let her little dog run free in the yard again!

UPDATE 2/26: We will be heading back out next week on Wednesday or Thursday to put up the fence boards. If you are interested please give us a call. We could always use more help!!

UPDATE 2/22: Michelle, Seth and Randall got the frame of the fence put up. All the holes are dug and the concrete is poured. All that's left is to attach the fence slats and the project will be completed!

UPDATE 2/16: We are headed out to Troutdale this Saturday the 21st! Call Seth at 503-953-6018 for times, address and directions. Thank you!!

We just received a call from Aaron, one of our volunteers, and he just heard about a woman in Troutdale who had a 40 foot section of her fence destroyed. Her neighbors have all chipped in and purchased the fencing materials but they need some help with the labor. I am waiting for the woman to call me with specifics (date, time, etc.) but anyone who wants to volunteer for this is more than welcome!

This is definitely more of a labor job than a technical one. Who's got time to help?

Email or call 503-953-6018 if you want to help.

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