Thursday, May 21, 2009

COMPLETED - Project 38 - Moving 5/29 from Vancouver to NE Portland

UPDATE 5/29: A huge thank you to Rebecca, Jason, Jamal, Julie, Mel, Junior, Dave, Michelle and Seth who helped move this young family from Washington to Portland!! It was another sweltering day but the project was completed and the family can now start to get settled in their new home! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

We have been contacted by a woman who has been through extremely rough times recently, financially and medically, and is now forced to move. She is moving from Vancouver Washington to NE Portland. She has a U-haul lined up but needs bodies to help her load and unload the truck. We have a hand truck that we will be bringing to make this easier. This project will start at 9am on Friday May 29th. Is there anyone out there who wants to meet a new neighbor and has Time to Help? If so, please email us at or call 503-953-6018 to jump in on this wonderful project!!

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