Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Project 33 - Teaching refugees to drive

UPDATE 5/20: We received an email from Wayne indicating he had one volunteer respond but could still use more as he has 18 people on his waiting list. Thanks to Elli who offered up her help. Anyone else interested?

How great is that? For more than 15 years Wayne has been teaching refugees to drive as a volunteer. He has helped more than 100 people get their driver's license. But now, he is swamped with requests and needs some help. Wayne could use at least one East Portland and several Westside helpers. He uses the student's car for lessons. He just drives to their home and goes with them from there. He also gets a tax deduction for the miles he drives. Wayne is willing to train anyone who could take on one or more of his waiting list refugees. Contact Wayne at 503-579-4713 or waysan.mcc@verizon.net for more info or to sign up!

Thank you!

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