Thursday, May 21, 2009

Project 39 - Wallpaper removal and painting

We have an immediate need for some wallpaper removal and then painting to be done. We have plenty of rollers and brushes and the paint is supplied, along with scrapers and stuff to get rid of the wallpaper, so we just need a couple of hands on this project!

This needs to be done by this weekend (we understand that it is a holiday) and we would like to schedule it for Sunday.

If anyone can help, even for a couple of hours, please email us at or call 503-953-6018. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

COMPLETED - Project 38 - Moving 5/29 from Vancouver to NE Portland

UPDATE 5/29: A huge thank you to Rebecca, Jason, Jamal, Julie, Mel, Junior, Dave, Michelle and Seth who helped move this young family from Washington to Portland!! It was another sweltering day but the project was completed and the family can now start to get settled in their new home! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

We have been contacted by a woman who has been through extremely rough times recently, financially and medically, and is now forced to move. She is moving from Vancouver Washington to NE Portland. She has a U-haul lined up but needs bodies to help her load and unload the truck. We have a hand truck that we will be bringing to make this easier. This project will start at 9am on Friday May 29th. Is there anyone out there who wants to meet a new neighbor and has Time to Help? If so, please email us at or call 503-953-6018 to jump in on this wonderful project!!

Project 37 - Car Seat Repair

A single mother who is in school along with her daughter had her late model Cadillac car seat break. She thinks it may be just a broken bolt. Nevertheless, the car is not drivable at this time and she needs it to get to school and back. Is there a good neighbor who may be able to help this woman?
Give us a call at 503-953-6018 or email us at

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Project 36 - Shop upgrade

We were contacted by a family that is looking to fix up their shop. Because of the economy, the husband is working out of state and the woman is a bit intimidated by trying to take on the project by herself (understandable).

What she is looking for is to upgrade their old shop that needs a bit of remodeling. The siding needs to be updated (she has the materials) and it needs to be painted. She would also love to add 2 windows and a work bench in the shop.

We could sure use someone's expertise on this one. Got Time?

Just email us at to sign up!

COMPLETED Project 35 - Bridges to Independence

We were contacted by a wonderful woman named Leslie, the director of a small nonprofit called Bridges to Independence located at 7958 SE Foster Rd. They assist persons with developmental disabilities to stay independent in the community and out of institutions. At this time they are in the process of remodeling their space which was a wreck when we they leased it. It used to be a pawn shop and was dirty, dated, and worn out. For the past two months they have been working continuously on remodeling the space including painting, floors, construction, and more. Almost all of the labor thus far has been volunteer via their friends and family, but the people are wearing out and they still have a ways to go to realize their dream of a clean, beautiful, functional community space.

They are converting the front of their space into a coffee shop/gallery called Turtle Town Cafe where they will train their clients to get food service jobs. They also plan to use their space as a community center/ gathering spot for the whole community including donating the use of their space every Sunday to a group that will offer food to the hungry. They plan to host 12 step meetings and allow local bands, open mics, etc to use their space. Right now they really need to make our bathroom more accessible and to clean out and organize their storage space. This includes installing a new toilet and sink and grab bars. They have the materials, they just need it installed and the old ones removed. They would like to paint and install new flooring in the bathroom.

Last but not least they need volunteers to work directly with clients at the coffee shop and at recreation events year round. This is great experience for folks and can sometimes lead to paid employment. Their agency can only stay open through volunteers!

You can reach Leslie at: 503 740 1503 or 971 570 8680 or email

Thank you!

COMPLETED - Project 34 - Unclogging a 2nd story gutter

Update 6/20: Thank you to the unidentified neighbor who helped out on this project! We couldn't do this without you!

We have a request for someone with a tall (at least 30') ladder to help a woman out in East Portland. Every time it rains, she has, what she calls Multnomah Falls, running out of her 2nd story gutter. Can any one help this lovely woman out? Please email us at and we will put you in touch with her. Thanks!

Project 33 - Teaching refugees to drive

UPDATE 5/20: We received an email from Wayne indicating he had one volunteer respond but could still use more as he has 18 people on his waiting list. Thanks to Elli who offered up her help. Anyone else interested?

How great is that? For more than 15 years Wayne has been teaching refugees to drive as a volunteer. He has helped more than 100 people get their driver's license. But now, he is swamped with requests and needs some help. Wayne could use at least one East Portland and several Westside helpers. He uses the student's car for lessons. He just drives to their home and goes with them from there. He also gets a tax deduction for the miles he drives. Wayne is willing to train anyone who could take on one or more of his waiting list refugees. Contact Wayne at 503-579-4713 or for more info or to sign up!

Thank you!